Welcome to SFINCS’s documentation!

‘SFINCS’ is Deltares’ new reduced-complexity model designed for super-fast modelling of compound flooding in a dynamic way! This online documentation describes the input files and parameters of the SFINCS model (Super-Fast INundation of CoastS), model output and how to get started.



Mail ‘sfincs@deltares.nl’ for questions that are not answered yet by this documentation.


SFINCS has been made freely available open source for you to use under the standard GNU GPL-v3.0 license (see: https://choosealicense.com/licenses/gpl-3.0/ for more information).

Quick information:

Outline manual: This manual is outlined containing the following parts, see also the overview bar on the left:

  • Introduction

  • Developments

  • Getting started

  • User manual

  • Input parameters and files

  • Model output and messages


SFINCS is developed at Deltares and initiated by Maarten van Ormondt. This documentation is developed and maintained by Tim Leijnse and Roel de Goede.