Welcome to SFINCS’s documentation!

‘SFINCS’ is the reduced-complexity model designed for super-fast modelling of compound flooding events in a dynamic way!


This online documentation describes the input files and parameters of the SFINCS model (Super-Fast INundation of CoastS). The documentation is however still under construction, mail ‘tim.leijnse@deltares.nl’ for questions that are not answered yet by this documentation. Also let us know when you are not yet a user of SFINCS, but are interested to get started! The SFINCS executable is not yet shared open source, but will be in the future, and maybe in the meantime a collaboration is possible.




User manual

Overview input parameters and files

Overview model output and messages

Getting started


SFINCS is developed at Deltares and initiated by Maarten van Ormondt. This documentation is developed and maintained by Tim Leijnse and Roel de Goede.